Can you improve on 1 – 2 sessions a week?

Can you improve on 1 – 2 sessions a week?

So here’s an open question:

“Is it possible to improve your swimming by doing just one / two sessions a week?”

My answer is yes, but with caveats as to how much improvement you can make and so forth.   The reason for the question is that I currently do just that – swim once or twice a week.  I have pretty good technique and so am “holding my own” with my peers.  But I have succumbed to the danger of slipping into a habit of keeping within my comfort zone.  Which is fine, because it keeps me fit – but doesn’t make me faster.

This last Wednesday I decided to put some more effort in, which was noticed by my lane-buddies.  So I really need to keep that effort going, from now on – to make it the new norm.

First time to keep this new norm is tonight.  Friday evenings are tougher sessions – because I often have to mix it with the speedies and that reminds me just how far off being a speedie I am.

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