Month: January 2018

Wednesday Night (17/01/2018)

Wednesday Night (17/01/2018)

Wednesday night is High Peak Triathlon night.  Since Christmas the swim time has changed to an early 19:00 and the sessions at the moment are well subscribed (4 a lane in most cases).

Last night, me coming off a week of man-flu, was a bit grim.  Swimming felt really slow and tiring, which is to be expected after 10 days of inactivity.  However, given the 10K looming on the horizon I kind of was hoping that I’d be swimming better than I was.

Set Distance Cumulative Description
1 x 400 400 400 EZ
5 x 200 1,000 1,400 3 swum as fartlek, 2 as steady
6 x 100 300 1,700 Swum in pairs as 2 x 50 IM
4 x 50 kick 200 1,900 I hate kick
1 x 200 200 2,100 EZ
10K Open Water Entered

10K Open Water Entered

Well this will be interesting.  Over Christmas my wife suggested that, because 2018 is a “milestone” year for me, I should mark it with some sort of “big event”.  And so it was decided that both my daughter and myself should enter an open water swimming event.

And it was decided (not sure how) that that event would be the Great North Swim on Windermere (see here).  Not only that but that I should go for the 10K swim.

Currently I am swimming once a week and doing 2 – 2,500 meters, so 10K will be a challenge!!

The one, and only, time I ventured into open water before was in 2003.  That was across the Solent, so I have some experience… but not much.