Wednesday Night (17/01/2018)

Wednesday Night (17/01/2018)

Wednesday night is High Peak Triathlon night.  Since Christmas the swim time has changed to an early 19:00 and the sessions at the moment are well subscribed (4 a lane in most cases).

Last night, me coming off a week of man-flu, was a bit grim.  Swimming felt really slow and tiring, which is to be expected after 10 days of inactivity.  However, given the 10K looming on the horizon I kind of was hoping that I’d be swimming better than I was.

Set Distance Cumulative Description
1 x 400 400 400 EZ
5 x 200 1,000 1,400 3 swum as fartlek, 2 as steady
6 x 100 300 1,700 Swum in pairs as 2 x 50 IM
4 x 50 kick 200 1,900 I hate kick
1 x 200 200 2,100 EZ

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