Disclaimer: The following pages are my story and things I have learnt or found interesting during my adventures with testicular cancer.

Please don’t take what follows as medically correct and / or accurate – I am not a GP, urologist or oncologist. I have no qualifications to do with anything medical.

That said, I do have ten-plus years of cancer experience. Ten years of living with the disease, from the blissfully ignorant days of yesteryear (cancer and “carefree”), through diagnosis, treatment, relapse and treatment again.

I have had the joys of going round to my parents’ house three times to say “it’s cancer”.

I have had the joys of ringing my good lady wife and telling her “it’s cancer” and “surprise – it’s a relapse”.

And I have experience of coming out the other end… a better person – too presumptuous. But out and beyond the five year survival mark and looking forward towards old age, and life beyond cancer.

My advice on reading any of this would be to take what you want and leave the rest behind.  This is just about me and my thoughts.

Take care.  Bill (2019)