Self Examination Time

Self Examination Time

Let’s just dispel a myth that has been going around and around for ever…

You cannot get testicular cancer by checking your tackle.

Cancer is not contracted because you do monthly examinations and you are not going to get cancer quicker because you are being diligent and checking yourself.

Actually the last part of the statement is not quite true – you can catch cancer quick by getting into a routine of regular checks and self examinations. These don’t need to take a long time and shouldn’t cause anxiety. But the more you learn about what is normal and what your body feels like, the quicker you will be able to determine whether / when something is amiss.

Once a month, during a bath or shower simply have a feel of each / both testicles from top to bottom (or bottom to top). One at a time, gently press and “squeeze” each testicle. Learn what your natural feels like.

The first time(s) you do this, you will be amazed as some of the lumpy-gnarly bits – especially around the back and top of the testicle. These are the pipes, plumbing and so forth and are part of “normal”.

What you are looking for is any lump (sometimes described as a “small grain of rice”) that are attached to the testicle and when pressed / pushed do not tend to move (because they are attached). Also you are looking for any signs that the testicle has changes shape (got larger) or gotten harder.

Basically anything that feels “different” to your norm. If there are no differences then no problem. But if you do notice something different, then go get it checked out. Simple.

A good example was my second primary. Because I maintained a monthly checking routine, in the shower, I noticed pretty quickly that things had “changed”. Which meant I got treatment much more quickly than I would had I ignored it. There are lots of examples of people not noticing, or noticing and ignoring… both can lead to difficult places.

Being diagnosed with cancer is not nice. But being diagnosed with early onset (stage 1) cancer is a much better place to be than stages 2, 3 or 4. Testicular cancer is very treatable, even in later stages, but with everything the sooner it is caught the less invasive the treatment and the better prognosis.

Have a look at the following links for how to check. They could save your life…